Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tutworkers & Tributers/ 150 yrs of Copper

In Moonta for my new solo:
Hard work, finally finished and fine tuning the last minute details. Wow the cornish are complicated. Whoops! that means me too.

“Tutworkers and Tributers, 150 Years of Copper” at Moonta Gallery of the Arts will be officially opened by Councillor Graham Hancock 2pm on Sunday, 8th August - 29th Aug. 2010.

Artworks are up and a wonderful job done by volunteers Pam and Lyn.

The artworks are grouped in a most unusual way which adds a special creativity to the exhibition.

Moonta has a fantastic community spirit and support artistic pursuits.

Sponsors are; The Copper Coast District Council, Moonta Progress Association, Moonta Gallery of the Arts, Sala Festival, The Professionals Real Estate and Moonta Hotel.

Proffesionals has supplied invitations and flyers, Liz has a committment to the township and was delighted to come on board. Moonta Hotel (a great place to meet for a drink, meal and a chat) has kindly offered wines. Kym is a bright young man who is up front when it comes to community involvement.

The gallery is delightful, housed in the heritage Town Hall on George Street it has exceptionally clear bright light for artworks and a warm welcoming ambience. The rooms have several grand antique chairs placed in strategic positions for the artlover to sit and absorb the atmosphere. To sit in one extra large chair gives you this wonderful childlike experience, let your legs dangle and feel like a child for a few precious moments(before someone comes in and catches you).

I could not forget to add that I finally met Liz Coole yesterday. She works within the Family History Group at Moonta and assisted me with research for the etching works on the pioneering people including my ancestors. The heritage School of Mines building is a cold but the appropriate setting for historical collections of empheria. The staff, all volunteers eagerly assist anyone who wishes to expose the skeletons of the past.

I enjoy being here more often and hope to meet others who have been working in the background to get this exhibition on show to the public. Greg O'Connor the Community officer for Copper City Council has made time to answer questions and assist. His arts related work is an asset to the Moonta Gallery of the Arts.

I again will add Pam Kerr to my blog as she does hours (daylight & after hrs) of probono work to see that the Gallery is seen as a forefront in the Arts of the region. A small but exceptional Gallery Moonta can be proud of. There are so many artists in this region and exposure is of vital importance to a creative practice.

Last minute details tomorrow and I will add to this next week.

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