Thursday, August 5, 2010

Paparazzi In Print

My dust period is near over for a short time. Cant get the dust out of my bones so I will return.
Didnt have time to write a full blog during this project.
Too much to do and too little time to do it in.

Paparazzi In Print, years of notes, ideas, research, sketches all came together as one exhibition and a book.
Women in the past were rarely recognised for their achievments so my dream to contribute to that historical oversight is complete.
After many years travelling the outback and finding, sketching and noting the remnants of settlements littered amongst some of the inhospitable territory ever occupied by man I finally traced the steps and found these families. Always there were items, an old saucpan handle, a piece of crockery or just a few floorboard nails with memories of women who alongside their husbands forged an existance on the land.
Then not to forget those still living I added to my exhibition some women who within the community of Broken hill had never been noticed whilst they silently accomplished what at the time they thought was ordinary but is actually recognised now as extraordinary achievements.

The book still available in softcover was a new venture for me but totally enjoyable. The conversations, laughs and stories with families, including some men has been most enjoyable. The visitors to my exhibition, their inspiring comments, those people now ask their mothers and grandmothers to tell them their stories so they can be recorded for prosperity.

I have to say the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery were outstanding in their contribution not only to providing the venue but also the support provided to hang the works, statements, promoting my book and the particular display of one artwork not included in my book. This work was a portfolio of pages, handemade papers from old newspapers, clippings and empheria. An etching miniture of each exhibition work was placed on the pages and the cover made from recent newspaper papers enclosed the pages with a silver chain with lock, courtesy of the Silver City Mint.
A memorable experience for me but now I am to head to country near the sea.

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