Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Saturday 12th September 2009,
The above image is the "bottom pub" at Pambula, The best spare ribs Ive had for yrs.
Met Merv today, a great guy from the best antique shop I have seen for a long while. Merv is a ex Broken Hill guy and has a sister Helen Grossi in Broken Hill.
The day was hot and a haze settled in over the mountains.
I sketched again last night capturing some small link to these surroundings, but after making more notes and reviewing my pics I had one more place I had to revist, Mrs Macs Emporium.
I was once again privaledged, and be able to enter the shop after hrs. The haberdashery boxes still held garters, cottons and threads ribbons. Origonal reciept and order books, manequins and letters. The needle, still in position on a lace bodice of a blouse placed alongside another completed hand sewen lace garment, a monument to the lady this town is evidently so proud of.
My camera card was full once again.

The afternoon was spent at Lorna's studio. Talking art, life and loves, then a few short movies of the Coast to Desert Artists visit. Lorna , for a beginner is producing some great movies and looks like my visit is in production too.

Now to try out the fishing. With John's old dusty rod, weather beaten reel and brittle line I proceeded with my trusty companion Digby and a bag of schrimp to the end of the little wharf below the house. My hubby david taught me well, after feeding the hungry sea creatures for half an hr and no way to tighten the line, I hooked a good sized flathead.
Happy with catch and release after a pic of course I sat and watched my last sunset in the "garden of Eden" of Pambula Lake.

I sketched again that night in Susan's studio with only one morning left before flying home.

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