Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The National Gallery

It is evident that "Lulu" (alias lorna) is "at home" in Canberra.
Lulu even has dreams of one day being a tea lady.

After being privalidged to a coffee in the members lounge and a visit to McCubbins exhibition I wandered freely though the many galleries within the National Gallery.

I found some "out of the ordinary" artworks; an assemblage by Picasso, a beach semi-nude called "Hot Wind" by Charles Conder, the controversial Blue Poles (which I love in the flesh) and a wonderful sculpture garden.
The highlight though was when Lorna dragged me all excited into a large open space gallery. Here were the works by Anslem Keifer. A book standing at least 2.4m high with pages of lead, a large artwork on one wall which connected with my inner self and also reminded me of home.
Lorna and I have a kinship with Keifer which will leave a lasting impression.

The drive home was overwhelming for Lulu as I believe I talked all the way. We stopped at a small one street town for a drink and I could not resist takeing pics of the origonal rustic weatherboard buildings. There was one in particular that had not been signposted by man with commercial advertising. One the side of the building still had an origonal "flour"sign covering the whole wall. I lent over the fence line to get a good pic straining to fit it all in. Then along came Duncan, a tall, wiry man who instantly took me back to the movie Babe. He was a dinky di country man who was appreciative of me asking permission to photograph the signage. I forgot Lulu whilst we had a great chat about the Hill and my visit & alarm bells were ring in her ears. No doubt I was reminded every time we stopped after that.

After an exhausting but inspiring trip we settled into the "bottom" pub in Pambula with John(lorna's hubby), and some family for a great pub meal.

I then planned to find a some time tomorrow to throw a line into the lake, rewind a little and hopefully catch a fish.

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