Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dust to Water: North West meets South East

6th september, 2009

Left Broken Hill dust bellowing below me, dreading the flight.

Arrived to breathe the moist cool air of Merimbula.
My hosts Susan and John live in the garden of eden on the border of a lake just outside Pambula, a small village that seems to held in time.
The first evening despite ominious clouds surrounding me I fell in love with the
cool vertical timbers against mountains of green foliage standing in contrast to the saphire coloured ocean.
From my bedroom full length window, the moonlight attempted to break the storm clouds and shed a few spotlights over the lake as if to boast about its beauty.
I could not sleep, the peaceful tranquility seduced me.
So I wrote down my feelings.
Peace, quiet, an eerie solitude,
Broken by a distant storm birds' cry,
An echo of belonging,
Swallowed by the tranquility of the moons glow,
Through the dark formations spread like black satin across the waters.
Through my writings I hope to capture this beauty, its people and history with my paint brush but so far it has captured me.
Keep watching for updates.

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