Monday, February 28, 2011

Fringe caravan

Well, I have to say to get a glimpse of what the Fringe has to offer then head to Rundle Mall and see the performances at the Fringe Caravan.
The Caravan has a 50's/ 60's feel, one of those classic chrome and red caravans and topped up with a polka dotted presenter to intoduce a sample of the delights of the Fringe to the general public. Jugglers, singers, actors and even visual artists like me get to show their wares and entice the public to their events. The Fringe team always there to support you through your stage fright and hand out pamplets to the passerby.
I simply love Rundle Mall with all its atmosphere, not just the chic boutiques (which any woman enjoys0 but the sidewalk performanaces. The violin at one corner, a juggler at another, a mime artist, always there all year round. This month the Mall is full of Art and the Fringe Caravan is the place to stop.

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